1996 Axel Manrico Heilhecker meets Harald Grosskopf, who is searchin for a producer, to set up a Solo-drum recording with him. Axel just finished recordings with Samson Gassama, a Djembe player from Gambia, and encourages Harald in developing such a recording based on acoustic ethno drums. During the production Harald asks Axel to put some of his Guitar playing to his drums, and even two allready existing tracks of Axel, "Sky Unlimited" and "Travolta Drive",actually planned for his "Fishmoon" - album are added and overdubbed with Harald's percussion. At this point both of them became hooked on forming the band.
1997 "Sunya Beat" is released by "Think Progressive" -label.
1998 First performance on the "Herzberg" - festival, where they invite
Steve Baltes to join in their gig, since their first album used layers of Harald's drums, which becomes difficult to put on stage. From that point the 3 piece band kept on playin' together after a very successful performance.
1999 Production of "Delhi Slide", adding more electronics and featuring Axel's adaption of "Raga" - style playin' by using his slide,  since he,while generally  influenced by indian music through his studies at Don Cherry, recorded with Sitar veteran T.N. Nagar.   Steve's first appearence on a S.B. record delivers new Dub and Old School electronic elements.
2000 Various performances, sometimes in combination with the german light - art director Mischa Kuball.
2002 The release of "4 mal 3" a album based on various reminiscend recordings.
2004 Recording at "Ricochet Gathering Poland" in Jelena Gora.
2006 Official live album is released on Axel's "Phonokultur" - and "Herzbergverlag" -label, featuring recordings of 4 years European touring .